Services and Products
Predictive contributes world by collecting data from multiple sources and using predictive models to establish patterns and forecasts of potential futures in real time. Systems developed may be used to identify potential money laundry activities, credit risk, bankruptcy and fraudulent operations. Predictive applies these predictive models to other areas as well, including education and national security.

Selected Products and Services

1) Finance
- Data assembly and pattern recognition
- Identification of threats, frauds and opportunities
- Early warning system

2) Healthcare
- Provide tools for disease management
- Access to cutting edge information
- Promote data-driven decision making

3) Security
- Pattern recognition
- Identification of threats
- Early warning system

4) Education
- Predict outcomes
- Improve student achievement
- Enhance teacher effectiveness
Predictive has deep technical expertise in the development of applications and in artificial intelligence analytics, including experience working on problems related to data and Internet search and has multiple patents, published dozens of papers.

Additionally, Predictive has extensive knowledge in Bayesian network models for diverse domains such as speech recognition and computer vision.

The team experts have worked extensively in the field of learning analytics, specializing in social constructivist pedagogies applied to knowledge patterns.

Cutting Edge Research with the National Science Foundation

Predictive was awarded by the National Science Foundation a SBIR Phase I project that supports the development of a web-based, mobile-friendly search engine that optimally matches educational content and lesson plans available on the Internet with a student's needs and unique learning goals.

More information can be found at the National Science Foundation site: