Predictive Technologies’ vision is to empower citizens and organizations to make a difference by helping them make the best decisions based on facts and to provide them with personalized tools, materials and content to unlock each other´s potential. Predictive’s expertise is in helping individuals and organizations make better decisions by providing data analysis platforms, artificial intelligence predictive models, and learning management systems.

Predictive provides value through the analysis of massive quantities of data as well as public and web data that, through artificial intelligence methods, create decision support solutions. Customers use its solutions, in the form of this data analysis, statistical models or tailored analytics, to make more logical decisions and predictions about future events. Predictive produces extremely customized proprietary software for its clients; these platforms are massively scalable and made to respond to the unique needs of each user.
Predictive is a company with operations in Washington, DC; Princeton, New Jersey; Scottsdale, Arizona, and New York City. Currently, the company collaborates with multiple consultants and advisors throughout the world. Clients include the United States National Science Foundation and the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Latin America.

Predictive has a strong and experienced team. Leadership is affiliated with Columbia University, Arizona State University, Princeton University and Tecnológico de Monterrey. Predictive experts cover a large range of fields including pattern recognition, computer science, finance, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition research, quantitative linguistics and public policy. Additionally, the team has experience in a diverse set of sectors including nonprofit, academic and corporate fields.